Frequently Asked Questions


  • The Virtual Career Fair is a way to connect you to businesses in this area that are looking for their next great employee.  Inside this website you should be able to browse companies or openings according to industry.  Businesses pay to have their listings on our website, so only legitimate offers are included. 
  • This service is totally free to you, the job seeker.  We want to provide a trusted and safe environment for you to look for your next big opportunity.  
  • When the right candidate has been found for a job, we’ll take down the posting as soon as we are alerted by the business.  We will do our best to make sure the jobs on the site are the jobs that are still available.
  • Some companies have their own online resume and application system.  If that is the case, and you are interested in a job, we’ll send you straight to the application website.  Many companies don’t, however.  In those cases, we have a form that will allow you to send an email to the company and attach your resume.
  • The companies on are actively looking for employees but not every applicant to a position is guaranteed an interview or follow up.  That is up to the discretion of the business.  It is also up to their discretion whether or not to list contact information on our website.  Some companies want time to review applicants and reach out to them on their schedule and, for that reason, will elect to withhold contact information.
  • Many companies will negotiate salary based on experience or negotiate with incentives other than salary.  We work to make sure the description of the position is as accurate as possible and as detailed as possible.
  • The Virtual Career Fair is open for a limited amount of time (just like a real career fair) but we try to host them often.  Listen to your favorite Entercom Radio Station and we’ll let you know when we will have another list of openings for the Virtual Career Fair.